School Board 
The Jolimont Primary Independent Public School Board's role is to provide strategic guidance and monitoring of  the school's performance.  It supports the school in increasing effective autonomy and flexibility to further improve the quality of the whole school program.

Members are elected for a maximum of 3 years and are elected from the staff, parent body, community and local business. The School Board operates separately to the P&C. The School Board meets twice a term. Additional meetings may be called as required.

The Board does not have a role in day-to-day school management. This is the responsibility of the principal and involves educational leadership, and the effective day-to-day administration, supervision, control of the school and its staff.


Michael Hodgkins
Michael is the father of two Jolimont Primary School children and a third son who is a graduate of the school. Having been involved in the JPS community for many years he has a good understanding of its recent history.

Michael is a trustee of the public fund of Fremantle Chamber Orchestra Pty Ltd and the orchestra’s principal clarinet. He is also a trustee of The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (WA) and a member of the Law Society of Western Australia. He has previously served on committees of the Wembley Toy Library (2 years) and Fremantle Symphony Orchestra (14 years).

In professional life, Michael is a lawyer of 19 years’ experience. He is a partner of Birman & Ride where he leads teams offering a broad range of services for people including property and family law, wills, estate planning, probate and estates. The firm is a multidisciplinary team of lawyers, law cadets, website and application developers. He is a director of software development company Overtech Technologies.


Barbara Iffla
Barbara Iffla joined Jolimont Primary School in July, 2015. She has extensive experience in public school education having worked in teaching and administration in seven schools over the past twenty five years. Barbara has been the recipient of the West Australian Primary Principal’s Association School Leaders’ Innovation Award, and was one of eight educational leaders to represent WA at the Australian Primary Principal Association Literacy Leaders training in Adelaide. Barbara has co-presented several programs at the Department’s Institute of Professional Learning including Instructional Intelligence, School Accountability and Aspirant Leadership Courses.

Barbara strives to nurture and empower staff and students to reach their potential. Her motivation is driven by a deep love of learning and supporting others to achieve their goals . Her two girls and husband play a significant role to also support the work she does in education and at Jolimont Primary School.

Parent Representatives

Liesl De Vries
I joined the Jolimont school board at the beginning of 2015. I have two children at Jolimont Primary School one in year three and the other in Pre Primary. My husband and I live in the surrounding suburbs of the school and we are dedicated to see the school and community flourish around us. With a background in food science and nutrition I have been a leader in many projects for large multinational companies and small organisations. More recently I completed a post graduate in education. I am a keen advocate for nutrition in our society and am also a board member for Nutrition Australia.

I am honoured to be a member of the Jolimont school board and as such hope that my working experiences, sense of family values and passion for health and wellbeing will add value to the Jolimont Primary School community.

Jon Lea
I have two children at Jolimont in grades 1 and 3 and my wife Julia and I have lived adjacent to Jolimont Primary for 6 years. We are committed to seeing the very best for our inner city community and our school.

A geologist by training I have lived and worked in many remote places in WA and elsewhere. I pride myself on being a problem solver, through utilising common sense, good communication and a practical perspective.  For the past decade, I have worked in management and served on the Boards of several public companies and private organisations.

I am delighted to be a parent representative on the School Board and hope to add to the existing strengths of the management team in assisting the school grow whilst retaining its strong reputation as a place of caring and learning.

Sarah Boshart
Sarah is the parent of two children currently attending Jolimont Primary School and joined the school board at the beginning of 2016.

Professionally Sarah has worked in a number of construction roles in the Perth residential and commercial construction industry. 

Sarah is committed to serving the school community to ensure the continuation of Jolimont's success as a school that strives to bring out the best in its students.

Ngaire McDiarmid
Ngaire joined the board at the end of 2015 and is enjoying the opportunity to help enrich her children and their peers’ education by contributing to the school board.

She has served on various boards and committees in the past, including YMCA and community radio station boards.

Ngaire brings her communications experience from her continuing work as a print journalist, radio producer and broadcaster to the talented mix of board members.

She welcomes parent input to help build on Jolimont’s positive school environment.

Jolimont has worked hard to gain independent public school status and Ngaire looks forward to playing a role in continuing the school’s good governance and student development.

Staff Representatives

Natalie Oddy

Natalie Oddy has a fascination and love of learning, picture books and people. She delights in seeing each and every child receive an academically rigorous and holistic education that equips them for their future directions. Natalie supports teachers to achieve this goal through ongoing coaching on the art and science of teaching, the heart and the mind. She is innovative and has led whole school change as an experienced school leader to support Jolimont to be a school of distinction. Natalie's vision for 2017 is to see students, staff and the school community experience the 'joy' of learning.

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who'll decide where to go…".
Dr Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go.

Vanessa Sharplin
Vanessa has been at Jolimont Primary School since January 2016. She is delighted to be joining the School Board as staff representative.

Vanessa’s teaching experience has spanned the breadth of the metropolitan area, from Cockburn to Kalamunda and back north of the river. She has taught specialist music, and digital technologies, as well as working as a full-time classroom teacher in Years 2-5.

In addition to her role as Year 4 classroom teacher, Vanessa spends one day a week as the Digital Technologies (Coding and Robotics) Coordinator. In this role she works with our passionate and experienced Early Childhood Educators to teach fundamental programming and robotics skills.

Vanessa is an active member of the Jolimont Primary School community. She runs two coding clubs before school and coaches the interschool netball team(s) at lunchtime. She regularly works with other colleagues to provide additional professional development opportunities for staff, especially in the Digital Technologies area.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Vanessa studied music, literature, history and law at the University of Western Australia achieving undergraduate qualifications in these areas. She also has a Masters in Teaching (Primary) degree.

Vanessa has prior experience on the board of multiple community organisations. She is passionate about the right of all students to receive a quality education and is committed to securing a bright future for our students.

David Rakuscek
David has been teaching for 12 years. He commenced teaching at Jolimont Primary school in 2012. He has a special interest in science and the use of technology in the education sphere.  David is inspired to teach his students to be 21 century learners, to be adaptable to change and meet our societies growing needs for the future. David feels honoured in being nominated to the board and looks forward in serving the Jolimont School community.

Community Representative

Giles Pickard
City of Subiaco - Landscape Architect


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The School Board comprises members from the staff, parent body and community members and is led by the Chair.  Board members are elected by the staff and parent bodies.  Nominations will usually be called to fill Board vacancies.  The process for nomination will be publicised at the time nominations are called for.

The Board is broadly representative of the school community and acts in the best interests of students and the enhancement of education delivered by Jolimont PS.

In fulfilling its role the Board will undertake the following principal functions:

Promotion Function
Promote the school in the community.

Reporting Function
Endorse the annual report.

Communication Function
Inform the school community about the Board's functions and activities.
Liaise with other school committees regarding the Board's functions.

Review Function
- school performance; and
- parent, staff and student satisfaction.

Strategic Function
Endorse the Delivery and Performance Agreement.
Participate in developing the Business Plan and reviewing its implementation.
Reviewing performance against Business Plan objectives.

Financial Function
Review and endorse the annual school budget.
- student costs, charges and contributions; and
- advertising and sponsorship arrangements.
Participate in financial planning for funding school objectives, priorities and policy directions

Policy Function
Assist in making and reviewing:
- school objectives, priorities and policy directions;
- all school policies;
- codes of conduct for students; and
- dress codes for students

Board Member Responsibilities

Board members do not represent specific interest groups or advocate special interest.

The role of Board members is generally providing strategic direction and advice.  Unlike corporate and public sector boards, Board members do not provide oversight of day-to-day operations by the executive.

Individual Board members will act in accordance with the direction once determined by the Board, unless changed or revisited by the Board.  Board members must not publicly advocate contrary to that determined by the Board.

Board members will act in accordance with the requirements of the Schools Education Act 1999 and adopted Code of Conduct and Terms of Reference.

Relationship with the Principal

As the Principal is the responsible officer for the educational leadership, operations and management of the school, the Board cannot:
- intervene in the control and management of the school;
- intervene in the educational instruction of students;
- intervene in the management of operation of a school fund;
- discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents;
- borrow money or obtain funds;
- purchase property;
- exercise authority over teaching staff or other persons employed at the school; or
- performance-manage the Principal or any other Department of Education employee.

Control or management concerns held by members of the school community are to be conveyed directly to the Principal and not through the Board.  However, the Principal may seek the Board’s advice on or the Board may address and raise with the Principal any concerns that affect the satisfaction levels generally of parents, staff and students.

Relationship with the Parents and Citizens’ Association

The respective roles of the P&C and the Board are distinctly different, although both share a goal of promoting the interests of the school.

The function of the P&C is to promote the interests of the school through:
- cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community;
- assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school; and
- the fostering of community interest in educational matters.

The Board will proactively liaise with the P&C on issues relevant to the Board's functions.

The Board and the P&C will work together to ensure the exercise of their functions is complementary.

Unlike the Board, the P&C conducts events and functions for the purpose of generating funds for use by the school.  The Board’s financial function does not extend to the P&C’s activities.


Purpose: All School Board decisions will be made to benefit the academic, social and emotional education and development of our students.


- Making credible and justifiable decisions
- Acting in the best interest of the school community
- Acting with honesty and transparency

- Realising shared goals
- Working in partnership
- Sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus

- Seeking new ideas and opportunities
- Striving for continuous development

- Making decisions consistent with the values and purpose of the Board
- Following through with our commitments
- Doing what is right

- Being open to other points of view
- Valuing diversity of opinion and cultural background

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